About Nigel Art


The Artist

For better or worse I was always going to be an artist. Even as a young child I spent hours a day drawing and doodling.


No surprise then that I went from school to Art College, where I studied Graphic Design and Fine Art, at Leeds College of Art (Jacob Kramer) I left with a Diploma in Art and Design.


I have spent a long career engaged in many creative pursuits but around twenty years ago I moved away from commercial design and into making my living from painting etching and occasionally sculpture. I  have nearly always worked directly with the public, although I used to also sell my work in a few private galleries.


The galleries here represent a cross section of the many different styles of work I have pursued. I am frequently asked why my paintings all look so different. Well they do have similarities, reflecting my interest in Cubism, abstraction and in some cases figurative art. For me though, I find I am led to different ways of depiction by the subject matter I am attempting to express.


I am drawn towards a Lyrical Romantic style, in keeping I guess with my character. An artists job is always to capture the essence of their response to the subject.


While some of the paintings here are definitely one offs, I find the time consuming part of making paintings is often creating the composition, so I often produce different versions based around an established image. Doing this helps evolve the form and different colour relationships, and it allows me to make fresh, unique paintings, fairly cheaply, at any suitable size.


I am always happy to discuss my work, or any ideas you may have for a painting I can create for you.


Please, enjoy the paintings,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Nigel