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Information And Ordering

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The paintings are shown as expandable thumbnails.
All are painted on good quality stretched canvas, and new versions can be ordered, with variations in size, colour and other personalisations, after discussions with the artist.

Generally, the smallest canvas size is 60cm x 40cm and the largest is 1m25cm x 90cm though larger sizes can be accommodated too.
Not all the paintings shown are available in the smaller sizes.
Just fill out the form at the bottom of this page with an approximate size and i'll advise you on the price.


The etchings are shown as expandable thumbnails with standard prices for four standard sizes. All of the etchings are mounted on black card with gold border and available with or without frames.

Extra Large
Image size (of Frame) 400mm X 480mm plus 9 cm wide timber frame
Image size 280mm X 360mm plus wide timber frame - frame style 1 below
Image size 200mm X 280mm plus timber frame - frame style 2 below
Image size 180mm x 150mm plus timber frame - frame style 2 below

Please note the etchings are only available at the sizes shown (etchings are always the size of the plate they are made on)

Frame Styles

Style 1 wide timber stained & varnished

Etching Style 1

Etching Style 2

My Email Address is

My Netbank Details (for direct deposits)

Bank: St. George
Account Name: nigel gillings original artworks
BSB: 112 879
Account Number: 043635621