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About The Artist

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For better or worse, I was always going to be an artist... Ever since I could make a mark on paper, I have wanted to. It’s a compulsion to be creative in some way or another. Like many artist's I am attracted to a wide range of creative pursuits, but the ability to draw, the gift, led me naturally into the visual arts.

I was born in Leeds, northern England and that’s where I went to Art College, before moving south to London and eventually much further afield.

The urge to see the world took me on many travels and adventures, before I was ready to settle somewhere. That somewhere turned out to be Sydney, Australia and its surroundings.

I now sell my work through various outlets including, as many existing customers will know, Paddington Markets in Sydney, where I display every week. Its a great place for feedback, from a local and international audience, as indeed is this website.

My work is a response to many visual and emotional triggers, and once begun takes on a life of its own. Many works explore the nature of love and relationships, some are celebrations of beauty in its many forms, and most are concerned with creating an 'environment' which the veiwer can enter and hopefully respond to. Be my guest.